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See below for details about two different workshops we offer.



Simplifying the Business & Marketing Of Art - 2 Day Workshop


This workshop is for artists who would like to learn about promoting their artwork and important aspects of the art business. We will explore various ways to promote your work and simplify using online tools by going through practical, direct examples. We will cover:



Come away with confidence and an action plan for how to move forward in your art career, as well as resources to help you.




Painting & Marketing Combo Workshop

Improve Your Painting & Marketing Skills in one weekend!


Typically there are either painting workshops or workshops on how to promote your work, but not the combination. My husband and I offer a 2-day workshop that encompasses both, where you paint with Jerry one day and the other day you are with me learning aspects of the business and marketing of art. Here are details of what each of us covers in the workshop:

Landscape Painting with Jerry Markham

We delve into ideas John F. Carlson lays out in his timeless book 'John Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting'. Carlson’s ideas have been used for years by many painters and yet I hear often that his book is difficult to read, which it is.  So I have developed some exercises to help simplify some of the main points in his book.  We will begin with a painting demonstration to illustrate what we will be learning, followed by a few exercises, then a painting session of your own to further illustrate the concepts of composition, value, and the importantance of atmospheric perspective and how it relates to temperature.  
This class is suitable for beginners to advanced painters in any medium, as it involves tools and information that will help make your landscape paintings more dynamic and authentic no matter which medium you use. This can be plein air or indoor.

Business & Marketing Of Art – with Leah Markham

It covers the same info as above but condensed to fit into one day.


"Jerry and Leah Markham came and worked with the Foothills Art Club in Cochrane, Alberta in October 2011. They have developed a weekend that is highly valuable, informative and quite fun.  I highly recommend their workshop." - Anne McGilvary


"I want to thank you abundantly for your "Marketing of Art" workshop! The section on "Defining Success and Setting Goals" is truly high octane. I think that I always vaguely knew what I have to do but this section of your course has solidified that knowing and brought home a plan for success. I am barely computer literate, however, I found your presentation on website and email marketing to be understandable. Thanks also for the wealth of insight into the subject of dealing with galleries. It is frighteningly obvious to me that, without this information, I would make many costly mistakes. All in all - an empowering and valuable day! Thanks again!"
- Sharon R.


"Leah, having been in marketing for so many years most certainly does not mean that I knew half of what you taught us. It does however enable me to both agree with and understand your marketing concepts, methods and recommendations. It was all familiar territory (marketing) in a foreign land (fine art) and I will be able to apply 100% of everything that you shared with us. Your easy manner and experience were refreshing and easy to understand and in this you can be confident and came across as such. The format you followed and steps presented flowed easily and logically. I was never overwhelmed - simply and totally pumped!"
- Wendy P.




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If you have a group that is interested in having a workshop in your area, please contact me.




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